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Inspired by our founders, Elegance Vodka is AMERICA's first luxury handcrafted, small-batch vodka, meticulously distilled 11 times from exquisite Chardonnay grapes. Elegance Vodka tantalizes with its velvety texture, harmonious balance, and delicate sweetness, culminating in a lingering citrus f inish. Each bottle, an opulent masterpiece, hand-blown from pure, lead-free crystal, and meticulously polished to radiate the pinnacle of sophistication and refinement

Elegant on the outside and inside

Every aspect of our Vodka is bespoke and eludes luxury, from our hand made crystal glass bottles to our 11x distilled Vodka.


Our Brand is Plastic Free and packaged in bespoke glass which is fully recyclable. even our cardboard is made from 100% recycled materials.

A True LUXURY VODKA, Made in America for Americans.

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